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ORANGE STAR seatbelt 150"Put On My Seat Belt" Helps Families Buckle Up Every Single Time!
Child Passenger Safety instructors, advocates, and agencies around the country are using our song "Put On My Seat Belt" for their public information campaigns and educational efforts. We are offering free non-commercial usage of the song to help promote seat belt usage in any way we can and reach as many people as possible.
Check out the article about us in AAA Magazine!
Click here to go to our "Put On My Seat Belt" free download page!

ORANGE STAR ladybugLost Ladybug Project Adopts "Ladybug, Ladybug, Ladybu-u-ug" As Its Theme Song!
Meet The Beetles! Ladybugs serve a vital and extremely cool role in the ecosystem eating aphids and other plant pests that can destroy crops and gardens. But, now the Ladybugs need our help! Over the past twenty years, several native ladybugs that were once very common have become quite rare. This is happening very quickly and it is not known how, or why, or what impact it will have on ladybug diversity or their function of keeping plant-feeding insect populations low. Check out the Lost Ladybug Project funded by a National Science Foundation grant and see how the whole family can get involved as Citizen Scientists: Lost Ladybug Project Website

Check out the Lost Ladybug music video that a few ambitious 5-11 year old kids created using our song! They entered their video in Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots Young Filmmakers Project. Their goal is to raise awareness about the decline of the native ladybug population. If they win the video contest, they will receive a mini-grant to help them become ambassadors for the Lost Ladybug Project! Good luck kids!! Click here for Lost Ladybug video

ORANGE STAR cool catIt's Cool To Be Different!
Child psychologists are using "I Used To Be Shy" and "It's Cool To Be You" to help their patients build self-esteem and adapt to social situations. "It's Cool To Be You" has also been incorporated into anti-bullying seminars at schools.
ORANGE STAR WERSLeeny and Tamara Live In-Studio Performance on WERS The Playground!
On Sunday, February 21, 2010 Leeny and Tamara joined WERS DJ Sweet D for an interview and live in-studio performance on their kids' radio show, The Playground! A big thank you to Sweet D, Emma the sound engineer, the entire Live Mix staff, and WERS for inviting us. Here's a link to the interview we did after the performance:
Leeny and Tamara WERS Interview.

Here's a link where you can hear three of our live in-studio performances on The Playground from 2010-2011, all featuring The Eeny Meenys! 

You can listen to The Playground every Saturday and Sunday from 5:00-8:00pm ET, locally in the Boston area at 88.9FM, and from anywhere in the world with live streaming audio at www.wers.org. They play a wonderful mix of kids' music from the newest hits to classics from when we were all kids! And, you can request your favorite songs (including Leeny and Tamara, of course) by calling in to their DJ Request Line at 617-482-8890.

ORANGE STAR USAGo "Across the USA" With The All Fifty Club!
The All Fifty Club was formed to recognize individuals who have achieved the amazing accomplishment of visiting all fifty of the United States. Leeny and Tamara haven't been to all fifty states yet, but we sing about them on our "Across the USA" song. Plus, Leeny can name the states alphabetically in less than 20 seconds! So naturally, Leeny and Tamara dig The All Fifty Club and The All Fifty Club digs "Across the USA!" Visit their website at www.allfiftyclub.com to find out more about their organization. If you'd like to send us photos from your travels across this beautiful country, please visit our "Across the USA" web page at: www.leenyandtamara.com/usa.

ORANGE STAR CityMommy Interviews Leeny and Tamara!
They had questions, we had answers. CityMommy is a membership-only local community website for moms with sites in more than 40 U.S. cities and regions. Features include message boards, a local directory, events, groups, photos, member profiles, videos, a shopping section, and more. And the best part is, CityMommy members receive a 10% discount on Leeny and Tamara's CD! Woohoo!!
Click here to read the interview.

ORANGE STAR release partyUnofficial CD Release Party
(private for family and friends)
July 25, 2009, Gloucester, MA

We lucked out with a beautiful HOT day for our CD Release Party. It's a good thing we had plenty of delicious ice cream from Captain Dusty's! Thanks to everyone for coming out, singing and dancing along, and supporting our new album.

ORANGE STAR If you would like to request a concert with Leeny and Tamara for your party, fundraiser or school, please contact us.
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